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Missionaries head into a little more adventure than they had planned.

All around Landun, the Wano people were feasting, but he could not bring himself to eat.

Rebecca Ingles is training Wanos to teach their own people to read and write as she oversees classes for 12 students. Tim Ingles in teaching believers through Acts twice a week and evangelistic Bible lessons once a week. The couple is also visiting three hamlets a week in the evenings to talk with believers about what they’ve been learning. “Pray that the believers will be bold to share what God is doing in their lives and to ask any questions they may have,” Rebecca wrote.

2011-05-26 | Wano People, Prayer

“I have heard and understood God’s straight talk,” several believers testify.

Wano believers face temptation and pressure to return to the old ways.

A young Wano man is reassured that Jesus completely paid his sin debt.

Many Wanos are now walking in the light of God's Word since putting their faith in Christ last week.

The Wanos are hearing evangelistic Bible lessons and are looking forward to "the rest of the story." Pray that they will clearly understand the Gospel message.

2010-09-30 | Wano People, Prayer

The Wano people are hearing lessons about Jesus and asking good questions.

The Wano people are seeing that God really is great as they listen to Bible lessons.

The first full week of evangelistic Bible teaching among the Wano people went well. Please pray that missionaries Tim Ingles and Mike Wild will be able to clearly present each lesson and that the people will understand how it relates to them.

2010-08-10 | Wano People, Prayer

Up to 25 pigs will be slaughtered to help pay for a man's death -- and emotions could flare.