Volunteer in the UK

HELP HERE MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. You help support NTM’s worldwide efforts right here in the UK by allowing career missionaries to fill other roles on the church planting team.


NTM-UK’s Headquarters facilitates the sending and supporting of UK missionaries. North Cotes College is a Bible and missionary training centre located on the grounds of the NTM-UK property. The college equips men and women from all over Europe to join the New Tribes Mission church planting team in Latin America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Type of work: Each year there is a need for volunteers to help in the kitchen and the nursery. We usually look for three or four volunteers to help in these ministries. Other areas of need come up at other times, such as general maintenance and construction, landscaping and clerical work. There are also opportunities to volunteer in specialised areas, such as graphic design, on a long-term or per task basis.

Read testimonies from former and current volunteers here. 

Location: North Cotes, Lincolnshire.

Contact: +44(0)1472 387700 or volunteer@ntm.org.uk or fill in the form below. 

Please make sure to fill in the areas of the form where it is marked with an *, this will help us get back to you ASAP.