Uriay People Group News

Lisa Kappeler is rejoicing to be back in her jungle house with the rats.

Lisa Kappeler is thanking God for the way He has opened for her to move back into the Uriay village that she calls home.

The Uriay believers clearly wish to continue to learn from God's Word and grow in faith.

Lisa Kappeler has received on-the-job training each step of the way in her ministry among the Uriays, and now she's learning how to help other missionaries.

The first run is only 250, but more, with additional Old Testament passages, will follow.

The Ama church recently hosted a conference that embraced many villages and language groups.

Lisa Kappeler must live downriver from the Uriay believers and can't spend the time she would like to with them.

Bible translator Lisa Kappeler returns from home assignment and finds people eager to help.

Religious leaders said the Uriay had to wash well for God to accept them.

Wobre was still confused.

Churches in eight people groups will meet for fellowship and encouragement.

Uriays have to face spirit worship, drugs, clan pressures and disputes.

Kobi's screams ripped through the night...

Uriay believers are growing as they hear Bible lessons on walking with God.

The Bagwido believers helped and encouraged the Uriay believers who are working on Bible translation.

17 Uriay believers demonstrate their faith in Christ through baptism.

They’ve gone through Acts, celebrated communion, and will soon have a baptism.

The Uriay people aren't used to individual choices.

Uriay believers are breaking free from fear of sorcery and spirits as they study Acts.

Wobere asked, "What was it like for God if there was no ground and no sun?"