Tobo People Group News

Chad and Janeen Mankins are seeing signs that it's time to step away from the Tobo church.

Missionary Jason Williamson is thankful for his recent visits to several remote ministry locations.

The rain kept pounding, and the pools of mud kept spreading. It was supposed to be the dry season, yet it was worse than most rainy seasons. Still the stream of Tobo people kept coming - slogging through the thick sludge - to hear the Bible teaching.

Eight believers make up the core of the Tobo church. A larger group meets on Sundays, but this smaller group is genuinely seeking to learn, grow and reach out to others. Please pray for them diligently as the missionaries disciple them separately through

Tingon's entire life-savings would soon be dead...

A variety of people attend the Tobo’s Sunday meetings so missionaries started gatherings just for the believers.

Even one unbeliever was excited to help.

Welsin started chopping the wood - using only an axe head.

"I'm terrified…this Creator God is more powerful than our Tobo gods."

Believers chose not to meet on Good Friday because it’s become a tradition for those who believe their good works can save them.

Welsin, a Bible teacher, has not been able to teach because his wife injured her hand.

One man who has been listening to evangelistic Bible teaching told missionaries he is thankful because “this talk is really clear in my insides.

Unex says Bible lessons in his Tobo language are clear and true.

Short drama emphasizes the need to hear the whole Bible teaching series to Tobos in Papua New Guinea.

Unex, who worked with missionary Jason Williamson to translate Scripture for Bible lessons, will host the teaching in his yard.

Bula, who has difficulty walking, will now be able to get around more easily.

Welsen and Pusewe's child was stillborn, and they are thanking God that Pusewe is fine.

Many Tobo people try to rid themselves of sin through a traditional ceremony but Tobo believers celebrated the New Year with new understanding.

Two couples will stay, but Jason and Kelly Knapp are moving to another ministry.

Ambox and Welsen learned a lot about Bible translation, which they are assisting in.