Tigak People Group News

The eternal welfare of the Tigak people outweighs the comfort and sweetness of home.

As they are discipled, new Christians learn how to share God’s Word with others.

Paska and Robin shared God's story with more of their people.

Believers from four tribes meet together for three days of teaching and fellowship.

Siar Christians are learning and sharing from the Word.

Phil stopped teaching and stood there confused.

The death of the village matriarch gives Aimee Hedrick a look at Tigak ways.

There was always something missing...

A religious group has forbidden Tigaks to read any of Revelation but Paska will see it in his own language.

Ned Beall has completed all the translation work he needed to in order for it to be checked. Thank you for praying.

Tom and Beth Carlton and Aimee Hedrick will be joining Ned and Linn Beall in planting a church among the Tigaks. Pray for the Carltons and Aimee as they build relationships and learn the Tigak culture and language.

Ned Beall “is under a big time crunch finishing up translating the book of Revelation,” Ned and his wife, Linn, wrote.