Pwo Karen People Group News

Stephan and Sandra Hunziker are currently in Switzerland on home assignment.

Living in a remote area often means travelling long distances to get medical help.

Stephan and Sandra Hunziker recently had a “life changing“ trip to the “Jungle“ and a great time with the Rees family.

Richard and Wendy Rees with Megan, Caleb, Rachel and Karis have now been living at their new location for a year.

Toward the end of the dry season, the Rees family had a few weeks where there was not enough water to run the turbine powered electric power plant.

God has a message for the Pwo Karen.

Richard and Wendy Rees continue to build relationships in the Pwo Karen community.

Richard and Wendy Rees moved around the beginning of September and have settled in to life in their new location.

Richard and Wendy Rees are getting to know people in the community.