Pal People Group News

Axel and Sandra Fachner with Tom and Lilly have arrived safely in PNG.

Officially allowed to teach.

Over a year ago the light of the Gospel came to the mountains of Pal.

Recently the first baptisms took place in the Pal tribe of Papua New Guinea.

Back in the village and together as a team.

God’s Word is changing lives in Papua New Guinea.

Axel and Sandra Fachner with Tom and Lilly enjoyed the visit of Miriam, Sandi’s sister.

Despite the weather, the work of translation goes on.

New believers among the Pal people of PNG.

The time has come for the Pal people of Papua New Guinea to hear the Word of God in their own mother tongue for the first time.

How do you encourage people to come to foundational Bible lessons?

Axel and Sandi Fachner with Tom and baby Lilly are returning to their ministry in Pal.

The last construction stage of a house for missionaries ends in a joyous celebration.

Papua New Guinea: Pal tribe: Mason and Kim Lockwood still have a long way to go, but they are thankful for what they have already learned of the Pal language.

Bart and Emily Allen plan to meet this week week with the two families who are working with the Pal people, to decide whether to join the ministry.

Recently, Kim Lockwood spent time with a Pal woman who is dying. “The husband … is dealing with her sickness not by seeking medical care, but by making offerings to territorial spirits,” Kim wrote.

A helicopter pad that was begun on a recent trip will give easier access to the Pal people.

Despite rising tribal tension, missionaries plan to move into a Pal village.

Missionaries Mason and Kim Lockwood have seen God answer prayer and encourage their faith as they prepare to live among the Pal people of Papua New Guinea.