One Minute Audio Stories

Uubeo explained Jesus’ power over the demons.

"I can't believe I will finally have my chance to hear God's Talk!"

"You can't go visit those relatives. Last year a man vowed to kill you."

All around Landun, the Wano people were feasting, but he could not bring himself to eat.

Only one of the twins was considered a miracle.

"You look like you're going to pass out!"

The teens explained everything they could remember.

It's the wife's job to make sure nothing happens.

A witchdoctor came to Kariana…

“What happens when you’re not ready and a tiger comes?”

Her heart skipped in anticipation.

Religious leaders said the Uriay had to wash well for God to accept them.

A fire destroyed his home, and Clayborn wanted to leave.

The Tugutil believers had never seen a baptism before.

The Konyagi villagers handed Bonere a list of forty-one names...

He’d say “Who is God!?!?"

The other clan was furious.

I lay awake at night worrying…

Most people had recovered.

Business people started scheming.

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