Nahuatl People Group News

The missionary team among the Nahuatl people feel that the Gospel presentation last week was very clear.

Updates from the work among the Nahuatl of Las Moras, Mexico.

Many partners in the gospel are needed to take the Good News about Jesus to people who are waiting to hear.

Christmas brought some surprise openings to share the story of Jesus with the Nahuatl people.

The path that leads to the village cemetery is lined with darkness and despair.

Missionaries to the Nahuatl people have reached an exciting stage of their ministry.

How many decades should a people group have to wait to hear the Good News about Jesus?

As the seasons change, Peter Hypki is thankful for Someone who never changes.

The Nahuatl people are closer to being able to hear the Good News.

Katie Moore shares the prospect of months without internet connection.

Missionaries to the Nahuatl people are motivated in advanced language study by the essential news they have.

Augustina is asking missionaries to teach her more about God.

Well drilling in a Nahuatl village has stopped after the drill shaft broke.

For the missionary team to the Nahuatl people, getting a reliable water source has been more about the people seeing the power of the one true God.

Her love for Christ and the Nahuatl people often compels Katie Moore to eat things that are out of her comfort zone.

Katie Moore sees a deeper truth when she accidently drains her rainwater holding tank.

Missionaries work toward the day they can share God's Truths with the Nahuatl people through Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

People from Pete and Liesl Hypki's home church helped finish their house so they could focus on learning the culture and language.

A social drop-in visit clearly reveals a heart that God has prepared to hear His Word.