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The Moi people are thankful for the simple things: health, food and being able to read God''s Word.

Piyato and four other Moi hunters squatted down in the village...

When the Moi people look up at the blue sky…

Last month, 33 Mois graduated from the five-month literacy program. “As an incentive to practice, we said that anyone who reads the Genesis booklet all the way through would get the most recent published Moi Bible that has around 3,000 verses,” wrote

2011-08-16 | Moi People, Prayer

Thirty-five literacy students pray before classes that God will enable them to learn to read.

Steve and Carolyn Crockett return to their work among the Moi people.

Bobi died of malaria last week with her hope firmly fixed on the finished work of Christ.

More than 80 Mois from 20 hamlets have put their faith in Christ after seven weeks of evangelistic Bible teaching.

More than 100 Mois are hearing about the life of Christ.

Moi teachers are sharing evangelistic Bible lessons with more than 100 Mois. Pray!

2010-09-03 | Moi People, Prayer

The Moi Bible teachers are through the third week of evangelistic Bible lessons.

More than 100 Mois showed up to hear God’s Word taught in a new series of evangelistic Bible lessons. Praise God with us.

2010-08-12 | Prayer, Moi People

Despite a recent murder, the Moi people gathered for the first day of another round of evangelistic Bible teaching.

Five Moi men are training to take over medical work among their people. Pray that they will be faithful to learn and to serve.

2010-04-01 | Moi People, Prayer

Five Moi men are training to take over medical work among their people.

Steve Crockett has already lost one saw, and he wasn't about to loan out the other.

"God healed Bababo," a Moi believer said. Praise God for this clear sign not only to His children, but to those who have yet to believe.

2010-03-12 | Prayer, Moi People

The Moi believer has a long road to full recovery ahead, but is improving after malaria.

Bababo may have cerebral malaria, and the care of her fellow believers has been "selfless."

Kendaya and others are blossoming in their faith as they absorb important truths.