Two rough months

POSTED ON 2018-05-14
  by Carol Smith

They are now in the Netherlands for two months and plan to return to the UK at the beginning of July to sort out some health issues. They hope to leave for PNG in July.

Steve and Gerdine’s co-workers the Hansens have been back in PNG for a while now. They have settled back in with their new son and are starting team talks with an American family. They are all known to each other, but have not yet all sat down together. It looks promising that the three families could form a team. Steve and Gerdine are going to start getting involved in the discussions over Skype.

Pray that they would gel and come to the point of forming a tribal team. If that happens Steve and Gerdine would be ready to move into a tribe shortly after they get back.

Their time in England has given them opportunities to meet up with some of those who support them. They are continually touched by people’s care and concern for them and interest in PNG. They have been able to take a number of meetings and report on how their first two years have gone.

The response has been very encouraging and they are looking forward to getting back to PNG more and more. They will continue reconnecting with supporters in the Netherlands until July. They are amazed to see how many people are partnering with them.

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