POSTED ON 2018-05-11
  by Carol Smith

Alessandro and Chantal work together with their language helper every morning while the kids are with their grandparents (who are visiting for several months). Now they actually enjoy their sessions. They are so much more encouraged by their progress. Thank you for praying about this and please continue to pray, as this is just a temporary solution, since their previous helpers are too busy right now to help them. Pray that they can continue to work with their new helper for the five remaining weeks that they are in the village.

Right now, it is the dry season and there is no work in the fields, yet the Konyagi are still very busy. They are spending a lot of their time, energy and resources on doing sacrifices. There is a complex system of multiple sacrifices that they must do in order for their deceased ancestors to reach paradise. It is sad for Alessandro and Chantal to see how much it costs them (in time and money) knowing that these sacrifices can never give them what they so desire. Alessandro and Chantal pray for the day when they will finally realise that Jesus is the ONLY way. Pray for their co-workers as they prepare materials to teach them this wonderful message.

The other thing that keeps the Konyagi busy right now is the building of new huts or of new roofs before the arrival of the rainy season. They are good craftsmen! If the walls of the hut are not very high, they make the roof on the ground and, then, the men get together to lift it onto the hut. If the hut is higher, they make the roof directly on the hut. They make some beautiful grass roofs!
During these five weeks Alessandro and Chantal have left in the village, they will be busy with language learning, connecting with their neighbours, life in general, preparations for leaving and planning for the coming months.

Pray that Alessandro and Chantal will have a good balance in all of this, without being too worn out, especially with the heat that they are experiencing right now.

They thank God that He led them in their search for an apartment in Canada and that they will be able to stay in the same one they rented last time they were there.

Alessandro and Chantal are so thankful that they have a God who is in control of all things and who takes care of all the details of their lives, and they are thankful for your prayers!

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