Summer months

POSTED ON 2018-05-10
  by Carol Smith

Pray that they can finish the last three lessons in the next seven Saturdays. (One lesson often takes two to three Saturdays.) Pray for those attending, that they will grow in their walk with the Lord.

They would then like to teach through Romans after the summer break if it is God´s will. Pray that they will be able to prepare the Romans lessons in time. As Filip has been looking at Romans 1:8-15 he has been encouraged to see how Paul served as a relationship builder. Pray that they may be like Paul and build relationships in Greenland. It takes time and a lot of prayer!

Filip and Óli have been teaching at the church on Sundays, beginning from Genesis and have reached the point of Abraham offering Isaac. They hope to finish Genesis before the summer break. Pray for people attending this Bible study that they would get to know the Lord and Saviour more. Pray that it will give a firm foundation to those listening and for the church to grow. Filip and Óli praise the Lord for this opportunity to teach God´s Word.

They will have a break from teaching over the summer because many people leave the country and they will be involved with four weeks of summer camp. Pray for this work to reach out to many people in Nuuk.

The first week is a family camp and Filip is the main leader. Pray that God will send families who will be reached with the Gospel.

Filip will also be the main leader during the second week, which is a youth camp. Pray that as they teach the Bible lessons, young people will understand who they are and that they need Jesus as their Saviour.

Pray for the following two weeks of summer camp for children, especially that they will listen to the teaching of God´s Word.

The work with the young people is fun and they are now getting used to the question “Where is your focus? Are they God-focused or are they man-focused? In addition, the question “What do you learn about God in this passage and what do you learn about man in this passage? They started with Genesis and have now reached Exodus. Pray that these young people will learn to read the Bible themselves and get to know God more and more.

There are also six other groups going through “Firm Foundations”. Óli and Anne-Sophie lead three of them. Pray that people will take what they have learned and pass it on, so that it spreads fast.

Cecilia and Kristian are doing well in school. Pray for them as they are challenged by a non-Biblical worldview. Pray for them to be a good witness for their schoolmates and that they will also grow stronger in their faith in Jesus.

Praise the Lord because He is working in Nuuk. Filip and Ane recognise they can do absolutely nothing without Him. Phil 4:13 It is a hard battle and they both experience how the enemy is at work to hinder God´s Word from spreading in Greenland.

Pray for more workers and for the Gospel to affect many lives. Thank you for your prayers and your interest in God´s work in Greenland.

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