Praying for fifty

POSTED ON 2018-05-08
  by Carol Smith

The students have now completed ten weeks of classes, and they are excited about what they are learning. It is encouraging for the teachers to have a student body where almost all of them believe God wants them in missions.

Pray that the students would comprehend that they are loved and accepted by God because of Jesus Christ, that they are forever in the favour of God – His grace. This will enable them to walk in victory.

Pray that the Lord would provide ministry opportunities for the students, and that He would guide them as to where and how to create opportunities to evangelise.

Pray for a family that are awaiting a visa for their baby.

One couple have a foundation in a very poor neighbourhood in Bogotá where they evangelise the children and women. Two other students also work with them.

Pray that the town would grant the training centre permission to build more student housing. At the moment there is room for more singles, but there is a need for more apartments for couples.

Pray for Stephen, Helena that they would have wisdom in teaching home school and in discipling their girls (Ashley, Amy, and Grace. 

Stephen and Helena recently started a weekly Bible study for people in their community. Pray that the forces of darkness would not hinder them.

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