Answered prayer

POSTED ON 2018-05-05
  by Carol Smith

Steve and Moira also requested prayer that Steve would actually receive invitations from the Baynunk themselves to go and teach groups. (As against people just listening to the memory cards.) Well, God quickly answered that request too. A young Baynunk came asking if he and his friends could come and discuss God’s Word. They are due to come this Sunday. Please pray for fruitful discussions on a regular basis that lead to strong believers.

Steve and Moira are planning another meeting for “those who love God’s Word” at their home. Please pray that God would guide them as to exactly what to include in this meeting.

Please continue to pray for Moira as she works on her analysis of the discourse structure of Baynunk. There have been many other demands on her time, though, so please pray she will be able to get it completed within the next few weeks so she can return to Bible translation.

Steve and Moira are sincerely grateful for all your prayers. As you can see, the Lord is not ignoring them. They hope these answers to prayer are an encouragement to you.

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