POSTED ON 2018-05-05
  by Carol Smith

Philip, along with another missionary, is busy teaching at two schools. In one class they have just taught about the fall; another class is a discipling class with more grounded teaching since there are believers. There is no school on some days, since many of the students have not paid their school fees for this term. Philip has also helped with co-teaching a few lessons to some southern highlanders that came for training and discipleship, so that they can better lead their churches.

Louis is growing fast. He is such a happy child and such a joy and gift from God! He enjoys being social and loves other children around him. Philip and Natalie are excited to see how God is going to use him as part of their missionary team to reach people with the Gospel.

Natalie’s main responsibility is now Louis. If she can, she tries to work on different things here and there, like cooking for people. Sometimes women from the village stop by and she tries to encourage them where she can. She can also go out with Louis and visit people in the village, which is nice.

Continue to pray for those affected by recent earthquakes and landslides.

Also pray for Natalie’s mum who is sick and has had surgery. It is difficult for them being so far away.

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