POSTED ON 2017-05-16
  by Carol Smith

The helicopter is again on the ground due to some parts, which attach the helicopter to the skids, needing to be replaced. It is hard to get these parts. Pray that they will arrive from the USA as soon as possible. The PNG field really needs the helicopter in service. It is the end of the school year, and people want to fly in and out of the remote locations where they live and minister.

Miriam Eikleboom serves on the NTM centre at Lapilo, where she lives with many other missionaries who work in support. Earlier this year Miriam had the opportunity to fly on one of the helicopter test flights which was really special. Once she was even asked to connect two contacts in one of the Kodiaks. The openings were too small for the mechanics. Maybe that’s the reason why she has such tiny wrists.

Pray for wisdom for the aircraft mechanics for all the maintenance work that is required and that they can spot potential problems so that nothing will occur that hinders flight operations. The aviation team desire to serve both the missionaries and the people in PNG.

Soon Miriam will leave PNG for home assignment. She is presently busy training her deputy at the hangar and hopes that she can finish everything that needs to completed, especially the inventory. Pray that she will everything done in a timely manner before she leaves.

Also pray that everything goes well with the flight connections and that she has a safe journey.

Miriam will be on home assignment in Switzerland for about six months; two month of which she will need to stay in Germany.

She is excited to see family and friends and share about her first term in Papua New Guinea and what the Lord is doing among the people.

She is thankful for all the things the Lord already provided for her home assignment through His people e.g., homes, a car, holidays etc.

Pray that in every circumstance Miriam can fix her eyes upon the Lord and won’t be irritated by them - for good time management so she can spend much time with the Lord, in the Bible and in prayer.

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