Training programme

POSTED ON 2017-05-11
  by NTM-USA

Theo and Martha Enns are enjoying their part in seeing a training programme developed for Africans who want to participate in reaching people groups who still do not have the Bible in their language.

The first draft of 14 lessons was sent to both English and French proof readers, because the lessons will be taught in both languages, depending on where in Africa they are to be used.

Pray for them as they work on a second, revised draft.

Theo and Martha are part of the Africa e1 team (e1 stands for the 1st phase of equipping), which seeks to help the local African evangelical church in equipping and training workers for cross-cultural and heart-language outreach to all ethnic groups. Theo will also be assisting on the French Resources Team, helping in the translation process of material needed to see maturing churches established among the people groups across West Africa and beyond.

Theo and Martha live in the USA and had previously served with NTM for many years in the Ivory Coast.

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