Secret prayer

POSTED ON 2017-03-04
  by Carol Smith

Their co-workers Guy and Keyla Burkhead hope to move into their new house later this month. Keyla’s dad is staying with them for ten days. He will help with the work on their house.

Aaron and Amy are thankful for the new solar panels and freezer that have arrived and been installed and for the strength, health and patience God has given them.

Pray that Aaron will be able to get in some language sessions and that it will help him to continue to improve his Glarro and that there will not be a standstill in his studies.

Amy is ‘experimenting’ with a reading class for her previous students. Pray that she will have wisdom in this area and as she works on the new literacy material and that she can make good progress and it will soon be finished.

Pray that the right people will sign up for the Summit trip to their village, organised by NTM-UK. (The deadline to sign up for this trip is the end of March)

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