God’s work goes on

POSTED ON 2011-11-10
  by Ian Fallis

Literacy classes and Firm Foundations Bible teaching are continuing among the Akolet people despite the fact that they heard the Gospel in April and the missionaries who have been working among them are on home assignment in the USA.

Gelio, a new believer, worked with missionary Adam Martin before Adam and his family left on home assignment so that he would be able to share Firm Foundations Bible lessons with his mother. He recently wrote to Adam and his wife, Julie, to update them.

“The work that I’m doing, I’m doing it very well but I’m not doing it with my mother, because my father didn’t want my mother to follow this road,” Gelio wrote. “Therefore I’ve left her alone and I am doing it with a group of three people: Pawus, Das and Manuela.”

He also told the Martins that a new literacy class is under way. “Gelio and Toni, the two teachers, are now working with teacher trainees Namaik and Amos (their wives) and a third lady, Watlo, to teach nine new students how to read and write in the Akolet language,” Adam and Julie wrote.

“Please pray for wisdom, patience, and good teaching methods for each of the teachers and teachers trainees.  Please pray for faithfulness to attend, for good concentration, and for hard work on the part of all the students as the class runs over the next three months, five days a week.”

You can buy Firm Foundations Bible teaching materials in English and Spanish.

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