Hearing the stories again

POSTED ON 2011-06-07
  by David Bell

Akolet believers recently finished meeting four days a week to review key Old Testament stories from a different perspective. They now looked at the Scriptures with an application to their new life in Christ instead of unbelievers in need of salvation.

The believers are encouraging each other to stand strong even though they continue to be talked about by many of the unbelievers who don't understand what has happened.  Joy continues to be seen in the believers as they write and sing songs of praise and ask questions about how to witness to their families and friends.

This month, missionariy Adam Martin will begin teaching the book of Acts to the believers and Julie Martin is translating the book of Romans for the next set of lessons.

While checking her translation of Acts chapter 5 with Sapu and Gelio, Julie wondered about her translation skills when the two men began laughing hysterically.

Julie knew that the Akolet people do not display much sympathy, but she didn’t expect the story of Ananias and Sapphira to cause such a scene.

When Sapphira was told that the men who buried Ananias were at the door and would carry her out to be buried, Gelio and Sapu couldn’t stop laughing. “She sure got hers, didn’t she?” they proclaimed.

Gelio isn’t laughing about his own mother’s spiritual condition. He and Adam Martin will work together to teach Saik “nugget-sized segments” of the evangelistic Bible lessons, hoping that she can grasp them.

“We really sense in her a desire to hear and understand the truth, and yet her mind is very darkened by her old ways of thinking,” wrote Julie. “Lots of one-on-one conversations with her have led nowhere, though her eagerness is as strong as ever.”

Pray that God will work in her heart and mind to give her an understanding of the Gospel. 

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