Bible lessons build believers

POSTED ON 2011-09-12
  by Dena McMaster

The Punan church is growing and serving.

Loko, a Punan grandmother, has a huge desire to study and understand the Word of God.

Missionary Rachel Searcy wrote concerning her: "‘I wish we could study longer,’ hinon Loko said. Then she went on to scold her grandkids for so quickly answering all the questions from our lesson before she had time to think about the answers. She has just begun studying the chronological Bible lessons with hinon Mina and it has been a blessing to see her desire to know the truth.” 

Mina, a Punan lady who is teaching evangelistic Bible lessons for the fourth time, has recruited Sara to help her and to be discipled in teaching.

Rachel holds a ladies meeting to disciple and help Punan ladies to grow. Her friend hinon Musa is staying in the area and attending the meetings. She told Rachel last week that when she returns home she intends to gather the ladies there and begin a ladies Bible study.

“I would also like to ask you to pray for hinon Dirung and her family who have been a very faithful part of our translation team,” Rachel wrote. “One day last week she came home from working gold because of a severe headache. Even with medication the headache did not ease and the next day they took her to the nearest hospital for medical help. Since then her family has taken her out to the city on the coast. Doctors say there is some bleeding on the brain and possible complications from malaria and typhoid.”

Dirung has committed to helping with the translation check when Bob Clark comes to lend his experience in translation checking at the end of September. Please pray that Dirung will be well enough to help and also that other will commit to being a part of the team.

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