A well-deserved break

POSTED ON 2009-12-18
  by Dena McMaster

When flight service is not available a short enjoyable trip becomes an all-day journey for Naomi Christenson and her co-worker Cori Gervasi.

After more than three months of concentrated culture and language study, they were more than ready for a short break. Naomi and Cori have been building relationships with the Sekadau people and learning their culture and language for nearly a year.

"Because the plane was not up and running, Cori and I took alternate transportation," wrote Naomi. They rode a motorcycle over jungle roads and through deep mud to a nearby town. "Then we bounced the rest of the way to the city in a hired car, all in all a 9 ½ hour trip."

Naomi shared some of the joys of a short break in a large city.

    • City life -- it’s good to see so many different faces after living in such a small community. And the roads are paved.

    • Western style Christmas parties!

    • Catching up with friends -- locals and missionaries.

    • A break from my never-ending war against bugs, lizards and mice.

    • Unlimited electricity and internet.

After a relaxing and refreshing time in the city, Naomi and Cori are ready to return to their ministry among the Sekadaus.

Pray that their time of relaxing will give them renewed strength to be diligent in studying the culture and language and that they will build relationships that will foster interest in the Gospel message.

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