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Barrie Williamson is travelling to the Philippines for three weeks.

Barrie and Cherri Williamsons find themselves slowly finding their feet as they settle into life in the USA.

Missionaries who are studying culture and language are learning much more than how to translate words.

The layout for the Lauje New Testament was completed last week. Missionaries Barrie and Cherri Williamson have begun the long process of proofreading 1,196 pages. Plans are shaping up to have the New Testament printed in Jakarta. Please pray that Barrie a

2010-03-24 | Prayer, Lauje People

A trip to the Lauje people helped visitors see what God is doing in the tribe.

Sixty men are teaching and discipling hundreds of other Laujes, and the demand will increase as more learn to read.

Two Lauje men are enjoying the Bible so much that they don't want to stop helping check the translation.