Landuma People Group News

Trying to get people motivated to learn to read and write isn't always easy.

After initial approval, construction of a meeting place for believers has come to a halt.

Janel Nale is finding the intricacies of her studies to be great opportunities to trust God.

Dan Bryant has completed his formal study of the Landuma language

Those willing to be counted as believers are few. Those willing or even able to be counted as leaders are fewer still. Read Masalu's story.

Mamadu had vanished...

Salu is the first person in his village ...

Kirk and Yolanda Rogers have begun teaching evangelistic Bible lessons to young people in the village where they live.

Sule forbade his daughter to attend the Bible teaching.

David always wondered who his father was.

Kadi had listened to God's Word.

Missionaries among the Landumas in Guinea don't hear thank you very often but are encouraged when appreciation is shown.

Teacher Diane Wilson adapts to the holidays in Guinea.

As the missionary team leaves the Landuma church for a time, they leave with encouragement and advice.

Landuma Bible teacher Masalu has recorded the final 23 lessons to complete the evangelistic Bible teaching, but they still need to be uploaded onto audio players.

Kadi died from diabetes and high blood pressure, but had the opportunity to trust in Jesus.

Masalu has found joy in knowing God is always with him.

Landuma believers and missionary Kirk Rogers shared the Gospel with Ousman while in the hospital.

An elderly Landuma woman, Kadi, expressed belief in Christ after months of listening to evangelistic Bible lessons.

Dan and Ginny Bryant returned to Guinea, prepared to begin studying the culture and language of the Landuma people once again.