Kuman People Group News

The death of would-be thief has resulted in violence and roadblocks that made it necessary to put off the gathering.

Kuman believers are composing and singing original praise songs.

Kuman believers are composing and singing original praise songs.

Ruth has something much better than...

But many Kumans are unhappy that instead of worshipping spirits, she is listening to Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

Ruth listened carefully as missionaries read aloud...

Will and Kelly Tallman recently returned to the tribe from home assignment, and are glad to hear that the believers continued to meet and teach God’s Word, including presenting evangelistic Bible lessons.

The believers did well when missionaries were gone, until elections came.

Umba's brother said, “If you kill anyone else, we’ll burn you all!”

The Kuman walk carefully, because spirits are everywhere.

The group of Kumans nervously looked down on the village below. "Is it safe?" Koninga wondered...

The Kuman believer challenged accusations of witchcraft, and his accusers backed down.

A Kuman believer in Papua New Guinea spoke out against accusations of sorcery following his nephew's accidental drowning.

More than 30 are hearing Bible lessons from several women -- who find they are learning and growing.

Ken White finds 2 Corinthians challenging to express in the Kuman language.

God's Word is coming together in the language of the Papua New Guinea group.

Kuman believers hiked over the highest mountain in Papua New Guinea to spend a weekend with a group they once feared.

Amid teaching about the Law and good works are many who have faith in Christ alone.

Studying God's Word with a Kuman believer led them to place their faith in Christ.