Hewa People Group News

The Hewa people of Papua New Guinea don’t have the luxury of multiple Bibles.

Homesickness is real, but God is faithful.

Jag and Abby Dun find themselves in a setting where Christ's sufficiency is very real.

Jag and Abby Dunn must rely on numerous flights for equipment and supplies.

Hewa Bible teachers find an opportunity to teach Firm Foundations Bible lessons in a village that had been closed to them.

Payment has failed. Payback will be in blood!

Taweta the witch doctor called all the young men to his mountain village...

Alimpu is tired of the old trail...

“Please save my daughter! They want to chop her up with an axe!”

Yanis waited as he offered the pigs to Unai’s father.

She sobbed, "I don't want to marry him!"

The death of the infant son of the two key Hewa believers stuns their village.

A lung sickness spread through the Hewa village.

Keith and Angie Copley have returned from home assignment and are returning to the village where Yanis and Unai have been guiding the believers.

Earlier, we were so deceived...

The frail, bedridden Hewa man had days to live.

We circle the tree, barking and barking, but we are never satisfied...

Ken recently began teaching his fellow Hewas to read.

When Yanis faced an obstacle, Eyaka came up with a plan and helped Yanis carry it out.

The Hewa people of Papua New Guinea are debating the proposed marriage of a young girl to an elderly witchdoctor.