Guanano People Group News

A struggling young believer is challenged to think differently.

With the New Testament completed, missionaries are working with believers to translate portions of the Old Testament.

Guananos are responding to teaching about spiritual gifts by encouraging, comforting and exhorting others.

Guanano believer Gustavo and missionary Barry Spor are working together on lessons from Romans—even though they are thousands of kilometres apart.

Barry Spor considers returning to a village he had to leave 16 years ago.

Irlei, daughter pf strong believers in the Guanano church, is revcovering from a serious illness.

The believers are taking on responsibilities of leading and teaching.

Gustavo had been helping prepare Bible lessons on patience and endurance when God made them real

God's Story goes beyond the grave...

Gustavo illustrates his point with a fish trap.

Gus was a drunken brawler who couldn't make sense of the Gospel until it was explained from Genesis through Jesus' ascension.