Dao People Group News

Missionary Scott Phillips is praising God for His powerful work of redemption in many of the Dao people.

The runners from an outreach area have brought exciting news from the Dao Bible teachers.

God’s Word is being taught for the first time in a remote village and Dao believers are trusting God’s transforming work in lives there.

It's not what you or I would think of to illustrate Philippians, but it was great for the Dao people.

The Dao people are absorbing rich, life-changing truth about walking the trail of Jesus.

As Scripture invades lives and cultures, Dao clans are radically changed.

A Dao believer expresses the value and importance of God's Word in his life.

Dao believers are encouraging hostile clan members to come listen to God's Word, but they just want to fight.

15 new believers were baptized in a remote village.

The older men of Paipedoe’s village made sure her new husband knew she is a follower of Jesus.

Believers in the Asia-Pacific region hear Bible teaching about the great love of Jesus.

Bible teachers complete evangelistic Bible lessons in a village with a different dialect.

Jennie Phillips helps Paada through a tough childbirth.

Bible teaching on Abel’s death and Seth’s birth strikes a chord with Dao mothers.

Missionaries Scott and Jennie Phillips are delighted to be able to help them.

Uubeo hits the nail on the head when he talks about God’s power.

Dao believers are sharing Bible lessons and teaching people to read and write.

Daapoi, a Dao Bible teacher, is passionately giving away the Gospel to those around him.

While on home assignment, Scott and Jennie Phillips wondered how their Dao friends were doing and how they could send a letter to such an isolated village. They found a way.

Dao believers are eager for help with evangelism and discipleship.