Simbari People Group News

Simbari church reaches out.

David and Shari Ogg serve among the Simbari people in Papua New Guinea.

David and Shari Ogg work among the Simbari people of Papua New Guinea.

Lori Morley makes a long, steep hike up a mountain through the jungle in order to use a cell phone.

A fire destroyed his home, and Clayborn wanted to leave.

The believers hiked through the mountain.

Early mornings in Simbariland are a photographer's paradise...on the ground reality hits hard. Read the editor's letter.

The Simbari believer and all those who were watching were sure he was going to die.

This year, Simbari believers added children to their Easter worship celebration and drama presentation.

Romans 9-16 and Ephesians in the Simbari language have been checked, and missionaries have some sections they need to improve.

A visiting work team was unable to paint, but there was plenty of other work to do.

In the Simbari tribe of Papua New Guinea, when a wife strikes her husband, he has the right to hit her back. And that’s what normally happens. But not this time, not with Bo’wol.

The believers hiked through the mountain.

Twelve students graduated recently from the Simbari literacy program.

A fire destroyed his home, and Clayborn wanted to leave.

Simbari believers choose to serve those from another religious group instead of arguing with them.

Most Simbari men would hit their wives back.

Simbari believers are worshipping God in song, word and deed.

Two believers received confirmation of their beliefs as they helped translate God's Word into their Simbari language.

Clayborn, a Simbari Bible and literacy teacher, chose not to let the loss of his home drive him from his work.