Siar People Group News

God raised up Jon and Tande to serve Him, and the church recognised it.

The Siar people are taking God’s Word to another people group.

God's work among the Siar believers is evident in their lives.

Growing in Christ and His Word stirs hearts to share the Good News about Christ.

Bible teaching from Acts is to begin soon.

Believers from four tribes meet together for three days of teaching and fellowship.

New Siar believers must wade through shame, gossip, threats and accusations.

Bible lessons and training will help the young church grow and spread the Gospel.

Siar believers, hungry for God's Word, are getting more than seven hours of Bible teaching each week and are loving it.

Through Firm Foundation Bible lessons on Romans a Siar believer sees that only God can do this work.

Siar believers are impacted and transformed by the teaching of Romans.

Bible teaching from Acts is to begin soon.

For some of the new believers, it was the first time they realized the significance of Jesus’ birth.

A Siar believer shared the Gospel at the burial ceremony for a child.

Siar Christians are learning and sharing from the Word.

After months of Firm Foundations Bible teaching, several Siars have testified of faith in Christ.

After the conclusion of Bible teaching, several placed their faith in Christ.

Months of Bible teaching have brought them to the climatic lesson on Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.

“I am just an empty man,” nothing without God, one Siar man said.

Thanks to ongoing Bible teaching, now they know that it’s not the way to salvation, but to show them what sin is.