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Andrew and Eliza Keyser with Judah, Gloria and Josephine are encouraged through the challenges of being back in Senegal.

Dubby Rodda thanks the Lord for a wonderful trip to Senegal.

Andrew and Eliza Keyser with Judah, Gloria and Josephin thank the Lord for their safe return to Senegal.

Saafis can now hear God's Word taught online for the first time!

Creation to Christ soon to be broadcasted in Saafi.

How shall they hear?

It seems that spring has come to some in Senegal.

The first ever youth event among the Saafi was a joyful occasion.

Plans to reach out to the Saafi youth.

Musa's ordination brought many from the community who have never heard what Jesus did for them.

After missionaries Dubby and Anna Rodda had to leave their ministry for health reasons, a man from another tribe stepped up to share Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

Several Saafi men are studying God’s Word with a Saafi believer, and they are amazed. “Our understanding of these events was so defective in the past,” one said

2011-09-14 | Saafi People, Prayer, Senegal

Musa continues to study Genesis with several literate Saafi men every other week, and they are so interested that they want to meet weekly and build a shelter so more can hear.

2011-06-06 | Senegal, Prayer, Saafi People

After three years of discussion, it appeared that the Arabic script for the Saafi language was accepted. But one stakeholder with a great deal of clout is unhappy with it.

2011-05-13 | Saafi People, Prayer, Senegal