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God’s Word is the focus of Rachel’s long upriver journeys.

Simun is one of four elders in his Punan church. The believers struggle with being pulled away by worldly desires and the cultural ceremonies which involve heavy drinking. Hear his story.

Rachel Searcy recently spent 12 challenging but rewarding days in a Punan village. “The first week, a group of five ladies worked with me on comprehension checking [of Bible translation] …. The last five days the team worked on drafting the Gospel of

2011-09-13 | Punan People, Prayer

Punans are studying and teaching God’s Word, and growing.

Rachel Searcy is sharing evangelistic Bible lessons with Punan women and working on Acts in Punan.

The Punan church is reminded of their responsibility to take the Gospel to others in a three-day Christmas conference.

A Punan believer sticks to his faith despite cultural pressures to do the opposite.

Missionary pilot Daren Spence and his family started off the New Year with the Punan people of the Asia-Pacific region.

Gold was discovered near a Punan village but one man warns believers to focus on God, not gold.