The Callahans, Tousches and Williamsons are heading into their 9th week of teaching, and that means they are moving into the Life of Christ! Read Full Story
David, Christine, Abby and Sarah Baxter have been challenged recently by the verses in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 as so many of their friends, have had to put those verses into practice! Read Full Story
It was just a few weeks ago that Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo asked for prayer regarding the possibility of having a drilled well in the village. Read Full Story
Philip and Natalie Hansen are still waiting to get the green light to take steps for a move to work with an unreached people group.  Read Full Story
Geoff and Shannon have been able to get most of their stuff re-situated, cleaned up, or otherwise repaired, and start to see the emergence of a family routine.  Read Full Story
When Becky first arrived back in Canada, six months seemed like forever, but thankfully the time has gone quickly and she praises the Lord for His faithfulness each day. Read Full Story
To Poul, Carol, Adrian, Jonathan and Isaac it seems like he only just returned from the last trip to the Sorimi, but it has already been six months.  Read Full Story
Recently Paul and Susan Boothby were delighted to talk on the phone to their Gende neighbours and with one of the Gende Bible teachers. Read Full Story
The well digger still has not returned to complete Alessandro and Chantal’s well and now that the dry season has arrived, the level of water is going down.  Read Full Story
Classes at the Radius training centre are into the eighth week of the second (and last) term for the sixteen current students Read Full Story
David and Chris Price managed to get through the first term of the academic year at the Nursing School.  Read Full Story
Recently Philip and Vina Le Roux had a long awaited visit from NTM consultants.  Read Full Story
A few unexpected things came up for Dorothy this past month, but God is working out His plan using many means and people…. Read Full Story
Many of the passages that they have for the Pwo Karen Bible teaching lessons are still rough translations and need both content and comprehension checking.  Read Full Story
It has not always been easy for Erwin and Rita, but God has helped them through everything and they know that they can trust Him that He will continue to do so. Read Full Story

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