After listening to some of the theory, the students were excited to see the different language learning techniques actually working! Read Full Story
As they sat with their Kendawangan brothers and sisters in Christ remembering together the narrative of an angel visitation, and an unplanned journey. The wonder of delivery and a baby’s soft cry, signs in the heavens to the rich and poor, to those near and far. Those who worshipped the child and those who plotted to kill. The wonder and power of the transforming good news of great joy for all people, was on display. Read Full Story
Ralf and Elli are so thankful that they were able to spend Christmas “at home” in Dinangat as a family and team.d Read Full Story

Daniël and Nicole are able to testify that God kept them in His hand and was with them in everything. They are thankful for His provision every day.

 Read Full Story
The Schwendich family stayed in a co-worker’s house for the first couple of weeks while Sasch wired their house and set up the solar system. Read Full Story
Last week André and Aurélie Tousch witnessed the second literacy class graduate and the villagers did the whole graduation ceremony on their own, without needing the missionaries to help! That was great! Read Full Story
Once Paul and Marina have gathered supplies and got their vehicle back on the road they hope to continue on to Ivory Coast to launch the new Loron literacy course and to do more translation checking and Bible teaching. Read Full Story
Regina Kowert finds it an awesome experience to see how people rejoice as soon as they worship in their heart language. Read Full Story
Recently Lourens Laureti spent the week with his Mengen co-workers, who have been presenting the Gospel in a distant village.  Read Full Story
For Erwin and Rita Penner with Hanna, Ben and Lia; living on the southern hemisphere turns seasons of the year around. So right now they're in the middle of the summer with daily temperatures of almost 40 degrees. Read Full Story
Throughout the weeks of Christmas, Jeremiah and April, Jordan, Judah and Alayna have talked about the need for the Saviour, the Coming of the Saviour, Faith in the Saviour, and Becoming LIKE the Saviour. Read Full Story
The last few months of 2017 brought Lisa Hatton some health challenges, which have slowed her down, but she is recovering. Read Full Story
Stephen and Helena with Ashley, Amy, and Grace are currently on home assignment in the UK. Read Full Story
Phil and Vina le Roux felt they should be writing a New Year’s post, but somehow after the loss of another life on the island, a baby boy, a New Year’s post seems forced.  Read Full Story
One of the first tasks Stephan and Sandra had to do during their first month in Southeast Asia was to study the Firm Foundations material (Creation to Christ) again.  Read Full Story

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