The Lord knows all and He knows exactly what we need and when – how good it is to know that nothing occurs outside of His perfect timing. Read Full Story

Ragnar and Elizabeth are so grateful for their help in going over the lessons again. They know they will never be perfect but they wanted them to be as clear, helpful and understandable as possible before they had 50 copies made up.

 Read Full Story
Jonathan has been sharing in different training centres and has also visited tribal works. Read Full Story
Christine, Abby and Sarah have had a good start to the second term at school and David has been kept safe as he has been doing a lot of welding and working on a water tower project. Read Full Story
The NTM guesthouse in Senegal will be very busy during this month. Read Full Story
The young man that died was around 17 years old and had been sick for about a week before he was taken to the missionaries for help. Jim and Judy’s co-worker Gerolf took him to the hospital but sadly, he died on the way.  Read Full Story
There will be many overseas and national visitors arriving at the hospital with a desire to discover more about how they can use their gifts and professional skills in missions. This year there will not be a 'Medical Missions Conference' but instead a group of young people will visit from a Bible College on another island. Read Full Story
Life always has its surprises, but God is never caught by surprise.  We can trust in the God who loves us and knows the future. Romans 8:38 reminds us that not even "things to come" can ever separate us from His great love Read Full Story
As last year was drawing to an end, it became clear to Aaron and Amy that they needed a break. Therefore, they spent seven weeks in Germany. Through visiting Aaron's family, churches and supporters, they feel refreshed and encouraged. Read Full Story
Praise the Lord that He protected Lív from a huge car accident when she drove back to the village. Read Full Story
Last week, Alessandro took a trip to Guinea. The main reason was for the vehicle paperwork (since they have a Guinean vehicle in Senegal, they must return to Guinea every 40 days). While there, he also was able to see the house construction and meet a number of people. Read Full Story
Dan and Rachel Hulley with Ben, Georgia and Rebekah serve among the North Wahgi people in Papua New Guinea. Read Full Story
Ingrid is Norwegian, so they wanted Chris to learn Norwegian and get to know Ingrid’s friends and family before they move to Papua New Guinea (PNG), which is where they hope to serve in a church planting capacity. Read Full Story
Dennis and Valerie Easton and family had a refreshing Christmas break, full of fun family moments and also a couple of special events. Their former Tagalog teacher was getting married and invited them to the wedding - this was their first time to attend a Filipino wedding in the city! Read Full Story
For Fernando and Tabitha 2017 soon started with an amazing change when on the 5th of January, Eliana was born into their family! Read Full Story

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