Landuma believers are showing strong growth as they participate in several ministries. Pray that more Landumas will believe. Read Full Story
God sent carrots to a remote missionary family, teaching a valuable lesson. Thank the Lord for His love and care for us. Read Full Story
A film crew leaves for the Asia-Pacific region on Sunday. Pray for good connections so they arrive on time to begin work. Read Full Story
The Inanbimalis will have their first baptism Nov. 24. Pray for strength to make this public stand for Christ. Read Full Story
Problems in the Sekadau church have halted an outreach. Pray for a good, godly resolution. Read Full Story
Liv Poulsen and Rebecca Stottlelmyer have found their time in a Badyranke village taxing. But other missionaries have aided them. Pray for good progress in building relationships and studying the Badyranke culture and language. Read Full Story
Questions and observations demonstrate that Bible lessons are influencing the Patpatar people. Pray that coming lessons are clear, and that God uses His Word to draw the Patpatars to Him. Read Full Story
Lavongai believers are learning more about their position in Christ and how if affects their daily lives. Please pray for them as they live by faith and demonstrate their faith to the community. Read Full Story
Please pray for a missionary team that will visit several villages next week to see about beginning a ministry among the Abasakur people. Read Full Story
Missionaries plan to begin evangelistic Bible teaching in early 2009. However, a large percentage of the village is now wandering in the jungle in fear of a local witchdoctor. Pray for their return to hear the Gospel. Read Full Story
Literacy classes are enabling the Moi people to read the Scriptures, and Bible lessons help them to understand God's Word. Please pray for them as they learn and grow in their knowledge of God and their faith in Him. Read Full Story
After hearing lessons from the Old Testament, this week the Patpatars began hearing about the life of Christ. Please pray that they will have good understanding as Christ and the Gospel are presented. Read Full Story
Cori Gervasi and Naomi Christenson recently were able to visit the area where they will serve among the Sekadau people. Pray for their move and the relationships they are forming. Read Full Story
Simon Ogg, the teenage son of missionaries David and Shari Ogg, needed to go to Australia to treat a broken ankle. Pray for good treatment, and that the Oggs can soon return to translating the Simbari New Testament. Read Full Story
Two Tobo men, Tingon and Kips, attended a translation workshop with missionary Chad Mankins and the men are working together to translate Romans. Please pray they will be able to produce a clear and accurate translation that will help the Tobo believers grow in their relationship with Christ. Read Full Story

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