Praise God for the Dinagat believers who are proclaiming Christ. Read Full Story
Missionaries are taking precautions after Guinea's president has died. Pray for a peaceful transition of power. Read Full Story
When it looked like flight costs would become too much, God provided. Praise God for His provision of a Cessna 182.

 Read Full Story
Praise God for glorifying His name in a Hewa village. Yanis and Ken, Hewa teachers, presented Bible lessons and many placed their faith in Christ. Read Full Story
Two Tobo believers -- Kips and Tignon -- are praising God for His answers to prayer. Thank the Lord that these men are growing in their relationship to Christ and pray for them as they work with missionary Chad Mankins to translate Scripture. Read Full Story
Several Lolos have listened to evangelistic Bible lessons on MP3 players and the missionaries want to talk with them to see what they understand. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will give them understanding and bring them to place their faith in Christ. Read Full Story
Dinangat men are learning to read so they can teach God's Word to their families and the community. Praise God with us for these believers who are growing in their knowledge of God and pray that their knowledge will bring others to Christ. Read Full Story
An outreach to Semandang children needs help. The number of children attending has grown to 170 and there are only five leaders. Please pray for more teachers. Pray too that the children will understand the Gospel and trust in Christ. Read Full Story
An elderly Lavongai couple, Moses and Rhondi, placed their faith in Christ this month after hearing the final evangelistic Bible lesson. Please pray for their son, Ien, to understand God's grace, and for others who have yet to trust in Christ. Read Full Story
Pray for John and Anna Weeks as they they seek opportunities to minister to those who trust in religious ceremonies and animal sacrifices, that the joy and freedom of this season will come across through their interactions. Read Full Story
Inanbimali believers aren't giving in to persecution. They are aware that their strongest weapon is "talking to our Papa." Please pray with them for continued strength, and for nonbelievers to be inspired by their faith. Read Full Story
Please pray that missionaries Andrew and Cathy Goud and their Wusuraambyan co-workers will be able to translate clearly and accurately as they work through the New Testament. Read Full Story
The Landuma people are banking for a better economy and to eliminate their 'hungry season.' Please pray that God will give wisdom to those who are running a grain bank and that the economy and hunger situation will truly improve. Read Full Story
Thank God that Grandma Yagu's prayer for her sick, 4-year-old grandson was answered. Pray for the Bagwido people as they continue growing in their relationship with Christ and that others will come to place their faith in Him. Read Full Story
A translation workshop was recently held in Senegal. Among the attendees were missionary Kirk Rogers and his Landuma co-worker, Masalu. Pray for them to effectively use every thing they have learned. Read Full Story

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