When Okaba was having problems after childbirth it necessitated a trip to the hospital and resulted in some interesting experiences for her and missionary Carolyn Crockett. Praise God that all went well with the trip, and pray for the Crocketts as they deal with life in the tribe. Read Full Story
Please pray for the Hamtai translation team as they continue revising the Hamtai New Testament. They aim to finish the translation sometime in 2010. The team worked through sickness and stolen computers to get their January goals accomplished. Read Full Story
Please pray that several couples who are now hearing evangelistic Bible lessons will have good understanding and place their faith in Christ. Read Full Story
When missionaries David and Shari Ogg's house was robbed while they worshiped with the Simabari believers it connected the morning's message to a current trial. Please pray that the believers will learn to trust in God during trials and that the outcome of the robbery will bring glory to Christ. Read Full Story
Though they faced opposition from those of another religious persuasion, 34 Bagwido believers were baptized recently and gave glowing testimonies of their faith in Christ. Pray that they will continue to stand strong in their faith. Read Full Story
A new round of evangelistic Bible lessons begins this month. Pray that many attend and that God prepares them to put their faith in Him. Read Full Story
Missionaries to the Patpatars are discipling new believers and teaching evangelistic Bible lessons to another group in their village. Pray that the message will be clear to both groups and that the missionaries will have strength for the task ahead. Read Full Story
New Dinangat believers fear opposition if they are baptized. Pray for boldness to follow Christ. Read Full Story
Missionary Gary Smith was moved to tears when he heard how a group of Dinangat believers reacted to a mining company moving to their area. Please pray that the believers will stay faithful to their desire to keep their focus on God and worship Him. Read Full Story
Sara, a Loron believer, contracted HIV from her husband. She continues to be active in her church and teaches literacy to adults in her village. Pray that she can get the medication needed to extend her life. Read Full Story
Thank you for praying for a peaceful transition in Guinea after the death of the president. This appears to be taking place. Please continue to pray for peace and for open doors for ministry. Read Full Story
Unex is hearing about the God of the Bible -- who is very unlike the God he's heard about. Pray that he will understand the message of salvation. Read Full Story
Thank the Lord that Dave McKee was able to give a clear presentation of the Gospel on a Balanta-language radio program last week. Pray for God's Word to penetrate many hearts. Read Full Story
Praise God for the Dinagat believers who are proclaiming Christ. Read Full Story
Missionaries are taking precautions after Guinea's president has died. Pray for a peaceful transition of power. Read Full Story

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