Please pray for missionaries Bryan and Melissa Abbott as they make plans to move to begin their ministry, and for Bryan and Yuspiter Yambung as they travel to the USA for further aviation training. Read Full Story
Masalu, who trusted Christ when missionaries taught him evangelistic Bible lessons in 1999, has faithfully taught his family. His two older sons, Bagar and Bunyamin, have been ridiculed in school for their faith. Please pray that the family will have a positive influence in bringing others to Christ. Read Full Story
Training missionary candidates is no easy task. Please pray for Simon Pyatt as he teaches and for the students as they learn. Read Full Story
Missionaries Scott and Natasha Flaugher and their children ended a nine-day visit in a remote Elseng village on Friday. Now Scott and co-worker Jareb McClain are starting to build the team's houses. Pray for their safety and for the team as they make plans to settle in the village. Read Full Story
Learning a culture and language brings its share of gaffes and goofs. Pray for Jon and Angie Button as they adapt to life in Portugal and then prepare to go on to Mozambique. Read Full Story
A group of unreached Bena Bena people have seen the damage from years of fighting and want to hear God's Word. Pray for the Bena Bena believers who plan to teach them. Read Full Story
Seong and Mina Mun from Korea and East Gimi missionaries Balus and Hana have teamed up to plant a church among the West Gimi people. Recently they received help with strategy, particularly in literacy. Pray that God uses them to establish a mature West Gimi church. Read Full Story
Some Jalungas in Mali have not heard foundational Bible teaching. Pray that missionaries can discern how best to bring them God's Word. Read Full Story
Work has begun on wood for houses in an Elseng village for Jareb and Amy McClain and Scott and Natasha Flaugher and their families. Pray that homes -- and good relationships -- can be built soon. Read Full Story
Please pray for missionaries Brian and Sherri Hofer and Chantal Pilon to learn the culture and language of the Konyagui people as they begin ministry among them. Read Full Story
This week, missionary Andrew Goud is spending time with Wusuraambya Bible teachers and believers to encourage them in their ministry and in difficulties they are facing. Please pray that they will look to the Lord during hard times. Read Full Story
Ke'Tomas, a former witchdoctor, is teaching evangelistic Bible lessons in Semandang villages. Pray that God draws the listeners to Himself. Read Full Story
Praise God that though the Dom people had no word for hope in their language they now have been delivered from a life of hopelessness. Missionary Jim Burdett is currently translating more of God's Word into their language that will teach them more about the hope they have. Read Full Story
Please pray for school staff and students as they work through a shortage of teachers and other challenges that face third-culture missionary kids. Read Full Story
Wednesday, the McClain and Flaugher families make their first visit to the Elseng village they will call home. Pray for a good, safe flight in, and a productive visit. Read Full Story

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