Doctors diagnosed Yoonare's sickness as cancer last week and told her husband, Ketang, that she wouldn't last long. Ketang acknowledged God's timing when his wife was suddenly taken home. Please pray that the family will find comfort in God and that other Mibus will be impacted by Ketang's faith. Read Full Story
Dave and Judy Wright are teaching evangelistic Bible lessons among the Mengen people. Pray that the people keep coming to the end, and believe. Read Full Story
An accident causing severe injuries to a toddler is giving missionaries Michael and Amy Hutteman opportunities to minister. Please pray that the toddler will make good recovery from her injuries. Read Full Story
Evangelistic Bible lessons were recently completed in another Mibu village and 55 people have indicated that they put their faith in Christ. Bible teachers are still talking with others who attended the teaching to discern their level of understanding. Please pray that God will continue to strengthen the new believers in their faith. Read Full Story
Loron Bible and literacy teachers are making great strides in evangelizing and discipling their own people. Praise God, and pray for boldness for Joel, Daniel and other Bible teachers. Read Full Story
Last week five Patpatars were added to the young Patpatar church. As a group the believers have been facing persecution for their faith. Please pray that they will stand strong and be a witness for Christ. Read Full Story
The Lenz family plans to soon join the Hulley and Wilson families among the North Wahgi people. Pray for a good transition for all involved, so the missionary team's unity and love reflects Christ to the people. Read Full Story
The difficult concept of justification became clear to the Tobos when Chad Mankins used an illustration involving bamboo and sticks. Pray for creativity and insight as missionaries attempt to make difficult concepts clear. Read Full Story
Nate and Beth Claasen are learning a lot and making many adjustments to their new home. Pray that even in this transition time, God will use them greatly to testify of His love and grace. Read Full Story
Please pray for the Dinangat believers as they learn more about their position in Christ. Some are beginning to understand that they are delivered from keeping a list of "dos and don'ts." Read Full Story
Several Patpatars have stopped listening to Bible teaching, which this week reaches the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Pray that those who have kept hearing place their faith in Christ, and are a shining light to others. Read Full Story
Kuman believers were encouraged and challenged by their time with believers from another tribe -- which they used to fear. Pray that believers from both tribes learn and grow as a result. Read Full Story
Pray with us for the Tobo people that believers in the tribe will be strengthened in their faith and that the unbelievers would soon be open to hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Read Full Story
Please pray that missionaries Brandon and Rachel Buser can get a good understanding of the Biem culture and language and build good relationships so they can some day share God's Word with them. Read Full Story
While studying the Ten Commandments, the Mengen people began to realize their inability to keep God's Law. Please pray that they will come to know that a relationship with the Lawgiver comes by placing their faith in Christ. Read Full Story

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