The eyes of the Patpatar people are opening and they are starting to see the truth of the world around them. Please pray that they welcome this awareness and desire to know more about God's Truth. Read Full Story
Missionary pilot Charlie Patton, serving with his wife Ruth, arrived safely in their place of ministry recently. Please pray for safety for Charlie as he flies to remote tribal villages. Read Full Story
Moi believers are acknowledging God in their daily lives and growing in their understanding of His Word. Pray that they will continue to share their faith with those who have yet to believe. Read Full Story
An Inanbimali mother shared the Gospel message with her grown children. Her daughter Kathy trusted Christ and gave a clear testimony of her faith. Her sons, Joel and Alfred, have not yet trusted Jesus. Pray that as mother and daughter share their testimonies, the men will place their faith in Christ as their Savior. Read Full Story
Missionaries in Senegal are dealing with economic, social and cultural challenges. Pray that they will find clear answers to these difficulties. Read Full Story
Missionaries and tribal co-workers finished checking the Simbari translation of Acts this week. One Simbari man who helped with the project said, "The Bible in our language is hitting me right in the heart." Pray that he and other Simbaris will truly understand the Gospel. Read Full Story
Pastors in Mozambique visited two tribes last week and were impressed with how the people accepted the missionaries. Please pray that the pastors and their churches will catch the vision for planting tribal churches. Read Full Story
Pray for additional Punan believers to help with teaching and comprehension checks and for multiple opportunities to minister in local villages. Read Full Story
Pray for open hearts and a clear understanding as the Patpatars listen to evangelistic Bible lessons. This week they heard about the Ten Commandments which will challenge their thinking that good works make a person acceptable to God. Read Full Story
Twenty minutes into a flight, pilot Dave Douglas received an urgent call to help a young tribal girl who had been bitten by a poisonous snake. Praise God that the girl was transported to a hospital for treatment and is recovering. Read Full Story
Despite one closed door, missionaries and Tanda believers kept praying and believing. God answered their prayers. Praise God for His faithfulness and for the believers that did not despair. Read Full Story
Abau believers are steadily working through and discussing Romans. Please pray that their faith is increased as they learn more of God's Word. Read Full Story
To address false teaching -- and prepare the Siawi church for the future -- missionaries are training Bible teachers. Pray for good, faithful teachers to emerge from this group. Read Full Story
Thank the Lord with us and Tumun. Her fellow believers planted the ill woman's garden so her family will have food. Read Full Story
Missionary pilot Bryan Abbott set out in language study and 'learned' an English word. Pray for patience and a sense of humor for Bryan and his wife, Melissa. Read Full Story

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