Patpatar People Group News

God answered prayer for the Patpatar.

The Patpatar church is asking for prayer for the conference this week.

Transformation was in evidence everywhere at this recent believers’ conference.

The Luse family, and many other missionaries like them, are looking past the conveniences and comforts of earth to a much higher goal.

A Patpatar woman talked with Lori Luse about her freedom in Christ.

Patpatar hearts have responded to the gospel this year after a very long wait.

When was the last time you had to think about how to hold a pencil or a book, or what those marks on the paper mean?

Believers from four tribes meet together for three days of teaching and fellowship.

Patpatar believers are filled with joy at the changes that Firm Foundation Bible lessons from God's Word are making in their lives.

Tole reached out and snatched the firefly...

A month ago, Bulu was illiterate, and spent little time with his family. Now he’s reading to them.

Patpatars in Papua New Guinea are eager to learn to read and write their language and show up for class early each day.

Blais, a Patpatar believer dying from cancer, had two reasons to record his testimony.

A Patpatar believer realizes that trusting God is the only way to end clan fighting.

Patpatar believers are experiencing the reality of what they are studying in Acts.

Aaron Luse helps missionaries in several tribes with culture and language.

The Patpatar people of Papua New Guinea have just written their first songs of praise to their newfound Saviour.

Patpatar believers in Papua New Guinea are helping missionaries teach in a neighboring village.

Patpatar believers in Papua New Guinea share how God's Word has affected their thinking.

New Patpatar believers are facing opposition from a group that relies on doing good things to come to salvation.