In June, Erwin participated in a workshop about foundational Bible teaching, which the mission offered for local leaders. Read Full Story
This time the language evaluation happened as it would be done in a tribal location. Erwin and Rita received questions from the consultants whose answers were recorded first and then transcribed by them word for word, so that the language helper could correct Erwin and Rita's answers later. Read Full Story
It has not always been easy for Erwin and Rita, but God has helped them through everything and they know that they can trust Him that He will continue to do so. Read Full Story
For Erwin and Rita Penner with Hanna, Ben and Lia; living on the southern hemisphere turns seasons of the year around. So right now they're in the middle of the summer with daily temperatures of almost 40 degrees. Read Full Story
Lia has lived most of her life in Paraguay, Hanna and Ben are beginning to forget what life was like in England and Germany, and Erwin and Rita are also adapting more to their new way of life. Read Full Story
The goal of Erwin and Rita Penner’s time in the capital of Paraguay is to become relevant in that particular context, not to become Paraguayans. That will never really happen. Read Full Story
Erwin and Rita feel like children. They are dependent on other people who know the language and who are patient in teaching them the language. Read Full Story
Now Olga is at the ‘Progressing Low’ level. She praises the Lord for the progress she has made as she would not be able to do it in her own strength. Read Full Story
It is now over three months since Erwin and Rita with Hanna and Ben finished their training in the UK and re-settled in Germany.  Read Full Story
Language evaluation checks are set up every four months so that the language consultants can see how students are progressing in their language study. Read Full Story
Olga really enjoys spending time with the language helpers. Recently she found a new language helper who is a retired teacher and has time to help her and other missionaries to learn Spanish.  Read Full Story
Without the knowledge that so many people are supporting her with their prayers, Olga may not have made it this far; she is homesick and misses her family! Read Full Story
On arrival in Paraguay, Olga found that there were a lot of new impressions and way more information than she could take in.  Read Full Story
During her preparation time and all the busyness with things that have to be done, meetings and doctor appointments to attend, documents to be filled out, etc., Olga’s life has often felt like a roller coaster going up and down. Read Full Story
Currently Olga Ergart’s ministry is to work with teens and youth in her church, and she really enjoys it. It is not always easy to motivate the young folk, but just to be there and build relationships is a blessing. Read Full Story
Former North Cotes College student Olga Ergart is preparing to serve in Paraguay. Read Full Story

Prayer points for this week

  • Monday: “We’ve dealt with a lot of discouragement regarding the slow or no fruit we have seen so far as we’ve been teaching,” write Tim and Andrea Ullum, missionaries in Asia-Pacific. “But then we remember that a farmer who plants his seeds does not see the growth for quite awhile. It’s a lot about perspective.” Pray that missionaries like Tim and Andreal remain encouraged and have patience for the long haul. Read more …
  • Tuesday: For many years missionaries and Bible teachers have used high-quality illustrations that have proven valuable among preliterate or newly literate people groups. However, many of the illustrations need to be changed to better fit the lessons, or in order to be clearly understood by people who are not accustomed to illustrations. We have developed 210 pictures depicting biblical events included in the Firm Foundations curriculum, which will be available in two sizes. With funding, we will move forward with the paper, printing, laminating and packaging. Pray for the necessary funding. Read more …
  • Wednesday: “There was a death in the community just a few days ago,” wrote Chris and Maggie Hostetter, missionaries to the Pal people in Papua New Guinea. “A middle-aged lady got sick and within a few short weeks passed from this world. This is hard for our team to see, especially now as we’re coming close to the day when we’ll begin teaching them God’s Word.” Pray for the missionaries as they soon begin teaching, and that the Pal people will have receptive hearts. Read more …
  • Thursday: The students will now be the teachers! Francois and Nadia Hattingh, missionaries in Mozambique, ask prayer for Abar and Liberty, the first Mwinika missionaries to another village. “As soon as he [Abar] moves his family to Alana’s village, he will start teaching literacy classes. Later he will also teach the first cycle of chronological Bible teaching in this village. Pray for these Mwinika missionaries. Read more …
  • Friday: “Our well is one of the few that still has water. … As long as there is water in our well, we will freely give to our friends and neighbors,” write Stephen and Ginger Jordan, missionaries in the Philippines. “Some of the Agutaynens who come for water are already attending evangelistic Bible studies. However, most of them only want the physical water that we offer. Please pray for open hearts and a thirst for the Living Water.” Read more …
 Read Full Story
Elijah and Moira Hall are thrilled to finally be living closer to the Mbya people. This will make it easier to learn their culture and language, and therefore to minister to them. Pray that their living arrangement works well and is an asset to their ministry. Read Full Story
If the Pilgrims had gone to Paraguay instead of America, your Thanksgiving dinner might have looked quite different. Then again, if that had happened, it may not have taken so long for the Manjui people heard what Jesus did for them. Thank God for the rich spiritual heritage we have because men and women left their homes and shared what Jesus did. Pray for more such men and women, and for believers to stand behind them in prayer and giving. Read Full Story

The Maka people planned and carried out their own dedication for the Word of God in their own language. Thank the Lord for the completion of this important project

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