One Minute Audio Stories

Pastor Edelfonso stared at the ruined crops along the riverbank.

"I'm terrified…this Creator God is more powerful than our Tobo gods."

The men were horrified at the idea of going without.

"I forgot to bring my Bible today. Do you think God will be pleased?"

That was no ordinary dog . It was a busaw.

Han replied, “Taw -- I don't care.”

“What happens when you’re not ready and a tiger comes?”

The Kuman walk carefully, because spirits are everywhere.

A lung sickness spread through the Hewa village.

“Before, I was afraid of the dead spirits.”

Joshua needed help fast.

One of the oldest villagers, Aiglas, came forward.

Most Simbari men would hit their wives back.

Everything about the letter commanded,“Read me and obey!”

Everyone knew the root was poisonous, and they knew Awe bit into it.

In order for Heti to recover, others needed to help him breathe.

“Those Bible lessons have really got me thinking!”

Kamalus’ stomach churned when he received the piece of vine.

David always wondered who his father was.

Tili's tuberculosis returned.

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