One Minute Audio Stories

The Yembiyembi men were challenged by Titus.

Nico was acting wild and strange – babbling to himself.

The Akolet people sat stunned in silence.

Grief-stricken parents desperately needed a different kind of aid.

The Uriay people aren't used to individual choices.

Welsin started chopping the wood - using only an axe head.

Umba's brother said, “If you kill anyone else, we’ll burn you all!”

Penita's aunt got her goat.

Wobere asked, "What was it like for God if there was no ground and no sun?"

She sobbed, "I don't want to marry him!"

There was no money to pay the elders.

The Shaman predicted a believer would get sick and die.

A fire destroyed his home, and Clayborn wanted to leave.

"What about the Akolet people who died and haven't heard this message?"

The unbelievers watched the wedding with a mixture of amazement and curiosity.

Religious leaders said the Uriay had to wash well for God to accept them.

Sule forbade his daughter to attend the Bible teaching.

Rose felt insecure, because her bride price wasn't paid.

Satou was dying.

“Don’t touch it!” the mother demanded, “We can’t have another mouth to feed.”

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