One Minute Audio Stories

Translating Romans led to Kariana's questions.

Pale and thin, Kalesia could barely stand.

The Manjui fear a hairy demon who lurks in the darkness.

How could missionaries motivate the people to read?

“Please save my daughter! They want to chop her up with an axe!”

Americo decided to speak.

The Yembyembis burst into song.

Ien struggles with his past.

Woman and girls waited anxiously for the Kankuran ceremony to begin.

Tukid is unable to prepare his garden.

A bread seller's calls interrupted the translation work.

Liv needs to find a Badyaranke co-worker.

Boringke sat cross-legged basking in the cool of the hovering dawn.

Gumen was tired of being deceived.

The believers hiked through the mountain.

Juana's newborn son didn't have a name.

Even one unbeliever was excited to help.

The crowd on the hillside clicked their tongues and whispered excitedly.

Yanis waited as he offered the pigs to Unai’s father.

In the tiny, tidy house, everything had its place.

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