One Minute Audio Stories

Wobre was still confused.

Pedro soon changed his mind.

I only knew the worship and fear of ancestral spirits.

The believers hiked through the mountain.

He was sick with malaria.

Sometimes she runs away.

My people live way back up in the jungle hills...

Biagowa looked waiste-deep murky river-water.

He thought the baby wasn't his.

Nggame explained why he was being baptized again.

Pig blood slowly mingled with river water as a group of Sekadaus crowded around a young woman...

The Dao believers sent a letter to the Moi people...

When Paatoma's brother died, he was certain that...

The missionary was stumped about how to explain Ephesians.

Each of the Moi clans has a list of taboo foods...

In Daapoi's life, it was as if time had stopped...

The Palawano man poured water into a jar.

Daapoi's older brother shook his fist in Daapoi's face...

She said it casually, like she'd say, "Can I borrow some rice?"

And right outside the door, the battle came to life...

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