One Minute Audio Stories

Kadi had listened to God's Word.

You must let him die.

My people live way back up in the jungle hills...

Would the crops mature?

Most people had recovered.

Her name is Ara.

I only knew the worship and fear of ancestral spirits.

"I have never seen anybody die that way before."

The night sounds are starting to change.

The precious seeds could be lost forever…

A witchdoctor came to Kariana…

Wobre was still confused.

Business people started scheming.

…if God marked this time to close His fingers on us…

Suddenly, the third-grade school teacher died.

He was sick with malaria.

"Sometimes I felt it would be better if I could just beat them with a rather large stick!"

Her heart skipped in anticipation.

Mansumin approached the last trap.

Earlier, we were so deceived...

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