North Wahgi People Group News

There are 188 personnel working in various support roles in PNG?

Levi and Robyn Lenz and co-workers Daniel and Rachel Hulley are excited to see major progress in translation.

Not willing that any should perish.

Spreading the Gospel amongst the North Wahgi people and beyond.

Outreach postponed until later in the summer.

The North Wahgi believers hosted the Easter conference for the first time.In about two weeks, the team hope to begin a Phase 1 outreach into a neighbouring village where one of our believers lived before he recently died from liver cancer. His dying wish was for his people to hear the Word of God that he had only heard about just before Christmas and had believed upon it in faith.

The truth of God’s Word is setting the North Wahgi people free.

Being able to read God’s Word reveals truth.

Levi, Robyn, Michael, Daniel, Matthew, and Krystiana Lenz are settling back into life in the North Wahgi village after a period of home assignment.

Wahgi church to be built in a new location.

Levi and Robyn Lenz are already past the half way point in their home assignment.

Daniel and Rachel Hulley recently had a team from the USA visit them in the tribe.

Recently a man in a North Wahgi village received a new Personal Energy Transportation (PET) device of his own.

More and more Scripture is becoming available in the North Waghi language.

Prayer is appreciated as lives are transformed and God’s Word is translated

Twenty two new believers desire to be baptised

The Hulley family are planning their return to Papua New Guinea.

Andrew and Nelli Wilson’s ministry is changing direction.

Levi Lenz is very excited to be a Bible translator.